St. Al's Fun Fair 1985 – The beginning of the end. Even with the addition of some haunting keyboard ballads and a slick new look, it was pretty obvious this group had reached their pinnacle. Oldest Colleen had moved on to bigger and better things, although she did return to the stage for one showstopping number.

On the setlist that day were an inspiring rendition of ABBA's 'Eagle', a heart-wrenching homage to Cyndi Lauper's 'Time After Time', an update of the 'Chiquita Banana' song,
and the Miller Five original 'Old Widow Hayes'. Individual members also indulged in a few solos.

This would be the last year the Miller Five would perform onstage as a group. This would be the end of an era.

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:: Group Photo - 1985. White mesh and blue stripes. Click for larger.


:: Can you say 'Stage Presence'? Click for larger.


:: Colleen is coaxed onstage, completing the group. Click for larger.

:: A fawning fan storms the stage, teary-eyed and star-struck. Click for larger.

:: The permed lothario, Scotty. Click for larger.

:: Kristin takes it down a notch. Click for larger.

:: Choreographed bliss. Click for larger.

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