St. Al's Fun Fair 1984 – Red, White, and Blue with an oriental flair. A bold mixture of East meets West. Drawing influence from the Beatles' mystical 'India' period, the Miller Five created their most experimental sound yet, with exciting results. No slouches when it came to the latest fashions, they were often the initiators of the hottest trends. Mother Barbara had joined the group as a percussionist, and Scotty began to develop his new image, as a young, permed lothario. A newly blonde bombshell named Kristin learned to play the clavés.

Sadly, no pictures of that year's performance are known to exist, but you can tell by this one picture alone that it must have been characteristically thrilling.

And it wasn't even 1985 yet... the heyday of the Miller Five.

UPDATE: Additional photos of the actual performance have finally been unearthed; we can now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that this period in history will be forever documented. See image on the right.

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:: Group photo - 1984. East meets West. Click for larger.


:: The dramatically sparse set decoration was delicately balanced with flamboyant costume. Click for larger.

:: Watch your back, Peter Paul and Mary. Click for larger.

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